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J.-H. Rosny

J.-H. Rosny aux USA : "The Temptress" (1897)

27 Mars 2013, 13:01pm

Publié par Fabrice Mundzik

Le roman "La Tentatrice" fut prépublié en France dans La Revue de Paris (2e trimestre 1897). Ce texte, signé J.-H. Rosny, est attribué à J.-H. Rosny aîné par la Convention littéraire de 1935.

A ce sujet, se référer au dossier "Que nous enseigne la convention littéraire de 1935 ?" publié dans Le Visage Vert n°23 de novembre 2013.

Quelques mois à peine après sa parution en France, il sera traduit et publié aux Etats-Unis sous le titre "The Temptress" dans The Parisian. Cette version, publiée dans le n°3 de septembre 1897, est illustrée. [A LIRE SUR CE BLOG]

On retrouve aussi "The Temptress" dans la revue Poet-lore vol.10, n°1 de janvier-février-mars 1898. Cette version, qui n'est pas illustrée, est proposée dans une nouvelle traduction. [A LIRE SUR CE BLOG]

A l'occasion de la publication de "The Tempress" dans ses pages, la revue Poet-Lore publia une chronique de Eugene Parsons dans laquelle il était aussi question de Vamireh :

"The richly cultured artistic talent of the French professional writer has covered so much human subject-matter that one would say there was no corner not used up, and that the over-subtlety of much French work was a necessity of the story-writer's attempt to get something striking out of his narrow over-tilled allotment of human subject-matter.

One young writer has found in prehistoric times a piece of ground not yet pre-empted, M. Rosny's hero of his long prehistoric romance, 'Valmireh' [sic] is a kind of Mowgli of a larger type who witnesses the successive combats of colossal antediluvian beasts and conquers the victor, and whose developing heart, subduing gradually the preying appetites it has in common with the brute, makes him emerge into a loving manhood.

In the short story by Rosny which we give in this number, there is a touch, here and therer in the descriptions of the British Museum, and of the starry worlds in the observatory scene, which gives a characteristic idea of the grandiose world-vistas he loves to portray. The departure from the usual conditions of a French love-story, the creation of so loyal a lover, and the elaboration of his very naïve confessions and revelations of himself are also quite fresh and distinctive of Rosny's talent."

J.-H. Rosny aux USA : "The Temptress" (1897)
J.-H. Rosny aux USA : "The Temptress" (1897)
J.-H. Rosny aux USA : "The Temptress" (1897)

J.-H. Rosny aux USA : "The Temptress" (1897)